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Can This Firm Construct Self-Charging Batteries From Radioactive Nuclear Waste?

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Coronary heart44 writes:
There may be plenty of C-14 radioactive waste from graphite rods that’s costly to retailer. This graphite may be transformed to C-14 diamonds coated in C-12 diamonds. C-14 has a half-life of 5,700 years, so such batteries would final a very long time and are supposedly protected. Seems like an April idiot however…

New Atlas considers the probabilities:

…what you get is a tiny miniature energy generator within the form of a battery that by no means wants charging — and that NDB says might be cost-competitive with, and generally considerably cheaper than — present lithium batteries. That equation is helped alongside by the truth that a few of the suppliers of the unique nuclear waste can pay NDB to take it off their arms. Radiation ranges from a cell, NDB tells us, might be lower than the radiation ranges produced by the human physique itself, making it completely protected to be used in quite a lot of functions… The corporate claims to have accomplished a proof of idea, and is able to start constructing its industrial prototype as soon as its labs reopen after COVID shutdown. A low-powered industrial model is predicted to hit the market in lower than two years, and the high-powered model is projected for 5 years’ time…

NDB speaks of low- and high-power variations of the cell in growth, however till we see some output figures the claims are nonetheless hazy, and till we see some proof, they’re simply claims, and we’re nonetheless ready to listen to again from the corporate. We’ll hold you up to date.

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